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ESPOO, Finland – The Nokia Car Kit CK-200 has rolled out of the Nokia garage and packs some pretty clever tricks up its Bluetooth-enabled sleeve. See, the CK-200 enables you to connect two devices at once and switch seamlessly between both whilst in your car. And that’s not all, it’ll automatically download the phonebooks from each of the two devices connected, and show off any new text messages you receive. Read on after the jump for details.

In brief

  • CK-200 connects to two devices
  • Displays SMS on screen
  • 2.5-in screen
  • €140, due Summer

The Nokia Car Kit CK-200 makes it easy to manage your business and personal calls in the car. Just one button press and you can switch from one device to another. And as it’s Bluetooth-enabled, you can leave your devices in the glovebox so you can drive safely. It packs a wireless remote which can be attached to the steering wheel for easy access. This enables you to answer and make calls, switch phones and pull up your contacts and text messages. You can also use the Nokia specific My Own Key functionality to listen to a new SMS over your car’s speakers, or to send a pre-defined text message if you don’t want to take a call.

The main unit packs a 2.5-inch display so you can see easily what’s going on and it also sports a wide range of colours so it’ll blend in with your in-car surroundings. And, with Digital Signal Processing on board, you can be sure you come across loud and clear. You can also update the software over USB.

To demonstrate, Nokia teamed up with four-times World Rally Champion Juha Kankkunen to create a video showing exactly how it works. Anyone who knows motorsport will be familiar with the term “flying finn”. Well, Juha was one of the guys who quite deservingly got badged with the term. Watch the video to see why.

The Nokia Car Kit CK-200 will be available in the summer and is expected to retail for approximately €140 (price before taxes, subisidies, and installation).