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May 11, 2010

Who are you Outi Mikkonen?

whoareyou_outiESPOO, Finland – We’re continuing our quest to bring you the stories from the folks inside Nokia towers and this week we’ve been catching up with Outi Mikkonen. Outi is Director, Environmental Affairs in the Corporate Relations and Responsibility unit at Nokia and has been with the company for 10 years. She works with everything green and is in charge of Nokia’s environmental and relationship management including climate strategy, biodiversity related topics, environmental NGO relationships and environmental sponsoring.

Here’s Outi’s answers to our questions.

I couldn’t name one person that’s been my greatest inspiration as several people have inspired me in different phases or areas of my life. One of them was my granny who had lot of good stories, songs and made excellent food.

On a Monday morning I feed the dogs and take them out, and after that I head to the office, where I have my breakfast.

I read a book or a women’s magazine as a treat on a Friday afternoon.

I go out to walk if I’ve had a bad day. My favorite place is a nearby forest where I very seldom meet other people.

I often ask from myself: “Do I want to be right or be happy?” And try to make the right decision.

I don’t have one thing as my life’s big passion. However, I like nature, dogs, books, music and good food among other things.

The first thing I think about in the morning is; is it my turn to take the dogs out?

I always look forward to my summer holiday because there’s time to meet family and friends and spend some time in countryside. Life is lighter in many senses then.

I’d like to be remembered as a fair person

My most annoying habit is that I’m controlling (at least at home)

The one book that’s changed my life is ABC-book (Aapinen)

The last thought I have before falling asleep is often how lovely it is to lie in my own bed under the duvet, and the other good things that happened on that day.

The one gadget I’d invent would be a renewable energy generator that would solve the energy and climate problem, and indirectly also other problems like water or food scarcity.

I’m scared of losing my health so that I could not enjoy my life.

If I wasn’t working for Nokia I’d still be doing something with corporate responsibility.

Sit-coms and watching my dogs
are two of things that make me laugh and I can enjoy them both daily.

I would have to name Friday as my favourite day of the week, as the whole weekend is ahead of me. It is also a day for pampering myself.