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May 13, 2010

What apps do you use the most? (Poll results)

mostapps_pollresultsGLOBAL – Are you appy? According to last week’s poll results it would appear that you are. Over 1,000 of you voted in our poll asking you what kind of apps you use the most on your mobile phones. Every week we trawl through the Ovi Store offerings to bring you the best with MyDailyApp, but which ones do you download? Do you burn the midnight oil with games, or are you more of a social creature with communicating at the top of your list? There’s only one way to find out. Join us after the jump as we reveal what apps you use the most.

Leading the charge of apps we have communications, closely followed by social networking with 26 per cent and 22 per cent of the vote respectively. Whether it’s the latest app to update your Twitter or Facebook, Nokia Messaging or Fring, to get some free calls action, you guys love to keep in touch. Recently SMS Preview hit the 1 million downloads milestone and it looks set to be joined by many more if your love for communication doesn’t waver.

Racing into third place is gaming. Surprisingly there’s quite a big drop between second and third place with gaming only managing to nab 14 per cent of the vote. We think it’s safe to say that gaming has come a long way since the loveable Snake. With the likes of Digital Chocolate hitting the heady heights of 4 million downloads, mobile gaming certainly remains a core ingredient of your mobile apps diet.

A close fourth goes to entertainment with 12 per cent of the vote. Could the increasing screen real estate of our devices be the reason that more and more of us are digesting entertainment on the move? What kind of entertainment are you watching or listening to? Apps such as Shazzam have been rising up the ranks on the Ovi Store, but would you like movie apps to get the same treatment? Would you like to watch films on your handset?

In fifth place, and dropping a fair few percentages, we have tools. Who’d have thunk it that we can now use our phones as an aid to put up a new shelving unit? Sixth and seventh place go to news and sports with 5 per cent and 4 per cent of the vote. A number of you commented on the need for more sports apps, should these be sport specific or general?

Now for the least popular apps. Winning the wooden spoon are shopping apps with a measly 0.5 per cent of you voting for it. Do we still traipse the high street or is the mobile shopping experience just not up to scratch? Joining them in the lower third we have travel (2 per cent), fitness (1 per cent) and money (1 per cent).

Is there a category we missed? Do you have an app that you couldn’t live without? Or a dream app that you would love to create? Let us know in the comments below.