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May 14, 2010

Ovi Maps directs an elephant, a robot, a Vespa and a Rocket Roadster

ovi_elephantLONDON, England – Free walk and drive navigation needn’t mean that you only use Ovi Maps in your car or on foot. To create a new promo video, the marketing folks have traipsed the globe to discover the most bizarre, the most outrageous and the most ridiculous modes of transport people have been using to get around. Their quest took to them to Atlanta in the USA, Jaipur in India, Shanghai in China, Rimini in Italy and London, in England. Direct your eyes southwards to find out how people have been getting around across the world.

Ovi Maps free walk and drive navigation has been a tour de force in recent months with over 10 million downloads since it launched. This ‘making of’ video showcases the breadth of transport Ovi Maps can be used with.

It’s a fantastic voyage of discovery that takes the team from a rocket roadster made by hand in Atlanta, to an elephant parade in Jaipur and a rickshaw-pulling robot in Shangai. It’s well worth a watch just to find out the amazing ways people have of getting around. Ready to travel around the world in five minutes using five different vehicles? Watch the video. Once you’re done have you got any crazy tales of travel? Been from A to B in a modified motor? Let us know in the comments below.