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May 14, 2010

When good picnics go bad… #NokiaNav

Imagine WOMWorld/Nokia delivered you a shiny sports car with a picnic hamper and asked:

‘What’s the most interesting place you can navigate to for a picnic?’

This was the latest creative challenge faced by the #NokiaNav guys. Along with the hamper, they also received a locked black box (because it simply wouldn’t be #NokiaNav without some kind of mysterious package!).

Picture of the day came from @stobbsc at Nomads Nirvana:

He says: ‘Let me warn you though if you try to have to many picnics you might go a little crazy as the two images below seem show.’

Quite…. Head on over.

Meanwhile, @nechbi at My Pocket OS decided to use his treats for the greater good taking his friend out on a spontaneous birthday picnic.

Fortunately, the sunshine was out (as the man himself points out, it’s a rare occurrence in the UK!), and he and his chum were able to relax to the sound of his N97 mini hooked up to a Nokia MD-9 mini speaker. Head on over.

There’s more #NokiaNav action to come today, not least our London meet-up tonight. Everyone’s invited so, if you can, COME ALONG! Details here.