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May 17, 2010

MyDailyApp – SMS Threader, Symabook and T-Reminder

treminder_mydailyappGLOBAL – Spring cleaning is the order of the day from the folks over at MyDailyApp this week. You’ve cleared the cupboards, swapped the duffel coats for the board shorts, dusted the top of the picture frames and now it’s time for your phone to get the same treatment.

This week’s trio of apps primed to get your phone ship shape come in the form of SMS Threader, Symabook and T-Reminder. Read on after the jump to find how a few apps can get your phone working for you.

Kicking off the fix up we have SMS Threader. As the name implies, this app’s job is to organise messages into threads. Think of it as a handy digital postman delivering each message in the order you received them and grouping them according to who sent them. Handy if you send oodles of text messages and you need to track down the address you arranged to meet at in a hurry. Pick and choose how often you’d like SMS Threader to group your messages, how you’d like your messages tagged and if you’d like your threads graphically separated. By all accounts it shaves minutes off checking your latest textual happenings.

SMS Threader is available in Ovi Store for £4.00 and is compatible for S60 3rd edition devices.

Next up in our time-is-money selection we have Symabook, that promises to make keeping in touch with your friends a cinch. Brought to us by the Finish-based company Symartic, Symabook gives Facebook on your phone a facelift. It has all the functionality we’re used to on the desktop experience but brings it to your phone in a pretty neat way.  Access every status update, picture upload and hilarious wall post with a single touch.  Just log in once and the app syncs to your Facebook account before you’re ready to roll. Watch the video from the developers to see the app in action.

Symabook is available for £4.00 in Ovi Store and it works on a broad range of Nokia S60 3rd edition and S60 5th edition devices and in many different languages.

Third and finally we have T-Reminder. Think of this as your personal butler. It’s a super handy app that works as a reminder or alerting tool. You can use T-Reminder to alert when you have missed calls, messages or emails- and friendly cartoon-style graphics will pop up on your homescreen to give you a nudge. Another useful feature within the app is the scheduling tool. Configure the times during the day when the app will be in operation, so it switches on when you clock in and switches off when your working day is done.

According to the developer, T-Reminder is compatible with a broad range of Nokia S60 3rd edition and S60 5th edition devices.  T-Reminder is available in Ovi Store for £4.00 but if you fancy a trial before you buy, nab the T-Reminder Lite 14-day trial for free.