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May 19, 2010

Your Nokia N8 questions answered… Final part!

Nokia N8

Here’s the third and final load of answers to your questions from the day of the Nokia N8 launch. We hope these posts have helped make everything a bit clearer for you on all things Nokia N8!

R3van DarkStar: Are there any improvements in the web browser? Any new functions?

Nokia: There is easy zooming with gestures, integrated web search, and Flash 10 compatibility on web videos.

Mobiwan: Can you replace/remove the battery of the N8?

Nokia: We do not recommend you trying to replace the battery. It can easily be replaced at a Nokia service center.

Joarka: Is the battery Li-po or Li-ion

Nokia: Li-ion.

Brentrobinson: Will there be a conversation type flow within text/email?

Nokia: There is threaded text message functionality.

Yasser: How many Apps does OVi Store have for Symbian ^3?

Nokia: We are not disclosing any numbers but we wanted to provide developers with an opportunity to start innovating in this field as early as possible.

We have also started Ovi App Wizard, a free on-line publishing tool to help anyone including publishers, bloggers and consumers rapidly mobilize their content or brand. Using Ovi App Wizard, publishers can easily create content, and distribute to millions through Ovi Store. No programming skills are required.

Apurv: Does the N8 come with Nokia Comes With Music?

Nokia: This offering will be available in selected markets.

Jade Bryan: Is there a list of specific countries that can get a SU-36 on the package??

Nokia: It is targeted for selected Chinese speaking markets.

byePhone: Any plans to release an Android N8?

Nokia: We have three core software platforms – MeeGo, Symbian and Series 40. These three platforms give us the scope and breadth we need to address the majority of our key market segments.

Rene: Is there multiple calendar support?

Nokia: Yes.

Rajasekaran: When will this phone available in India?

Nokia: We have not announced this just yet, but you’ll know soon.

Atul: What features does the N8 have that other mobiles do not?

The Nokia N8 is our latest smartphone to date that intuitively connects to the people, places and services that matter most and we believe it is a great device for people who want to create amazing content. No programming skills are required to use it.

Atul: Can non-Nseries be updated to S^3?

Nokia: We are not supporting a commercial upgrade path for older Nokia Symbian-based devices at this time. However, given that S^3 is built from the input of a vibrant, open-source community, it’s quite possible that enthusiasts may choose to create their own, innovative ways to do this.

So that’s it… Hopefully we’ve now answered all of your burning questions about the Nokia N8. Now it’s time to sit tight until the device hits the shelves!