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May 20, 2010

Nokia CK-200 – you won't notice it's there

The Prodigal Fool wasn’t *just* driving round in a fast car last week as part of the #NokiaNav challenge. There were some hardcore tests of Nokia kit involved too…that just happened to require driving round in a fast car.

One of the toys they guys played with was the Nokia CK-200 Car Kit, and The Prodigal Fool takes us through the pairing process and usage, as well as the fact that it ‘does what it claims to’. Simply put. In fact he goes further and says that once the CK-200 is installed, you need never take a device from your pocket when getting into a car, you can ‘just forget’ about syncing as everything is completed automatically.

Well worth a read for anyone looking to get a car kit, and if you have any questions, go right ahead and ask them.