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GLOBAL – This week’s spotlight has been cast on Nokia’s Xseries line-up of devices. Introduced at Nokia World 2009, these musical maestros come with distinctly up-tempo talents. Consisting of the Nokia X6, Nokia X6 16GB, Nokia X3 and most recently the Nokia X2, the Xseries is seriously blooming. Do you know everything you need to know? Join us after the jump to find out ten things you need to know about Nokia’s music makers.

1. Music is what Xseries phones do best
Xseries handsets are all about the music. Each and every one comes with separate media controls, mammoth speakers, FM radio and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

2. Nokia X6 is Nokia’s first capacitive touchscreen
It’s soon to be joined by the Nokia N8, but the pioneer of capacitive touchscreen in Nokia was indeed the Nokia X6. Placing a world of music at your fingertips, the latest capacitive technology offers smoother, gesture-based navigation.

3. You don’t have to punt for a touchscreen
If touchscreen isn’t your thing then you can still bag yourself a musical masterpiece from the Xseries. The X3 and the newly announced X2 both come with standard keyboards, but if you see yourself as more of a tactile sort then opt for the 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen Nokia X6.

4. Comes with Music rules the roost
It’s not exclusive to Xseries devices but Comes with Music is certainly available. The Nokia exclusive Comes with Music service offers à-la-carte music direct to your device.  It doesn’t even end there: transfer your tracks to your PC via Ovi Player and then continue to re-fill your device with new tracks.

5. Ovi Music also on offer
If free-flowing music isn’t your bag, then dive into the millions of tracks in the Nokia Music Store. Available at the prod of a finger and yours to keep forever. Browsing and downloading is incredibly easy, and Bluetooth stereo means you can enjoy unlimited music with no wires (or strings) attached.

6. Nokia X3 lands with access to Ovi Store
Nokia X3 was the first S40 Nokia phone with direct access to the Ovi Store, where you can download games, videos, podcast and applications to your hearts content.

7. Super-charged Nokia X6 will keep you dancing

The Nokia X6 is a marathon performer in the battery stakes; offering up to 35 hours of music playback from a single charge. Here’s a tip for you: if you’re looking for ways to eek out that little bit more on any Xseries device just dim the display, switch off the wifi and Bluetooth until you need them and change the network mode from Dual to GSM.

8. Hot swappable micro SD card are a-go on Xseries
With oodles of music a touch away, the memory needs to match your musical library. Every Xseries [Thank to Mika and Alex for the extra information – our apologies for the error]. Both the Nokia X2 and Nokia X3 devices come toting a hot-swappable micros SD card for you to swap and switch your musical grey matter. The X6 comes with a mammoth memory – up to 32GB – and both the Nokia X3 and Nokia X2 pack 16GB.

9. It’s all about the accessories
You’ve nabbed yourself a phone with more than one musical talent and but you feel the need to share your latest tunes. Along with the great speakers on all Xseries devices if you feel the need to annoy your parents/colleagues/flatmates in the process this Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9 should do the trick. This compact speaker is powered by a couple of AAA batteries, so it’s portable and it’s also good for up to 50 hours music playback.

10. Don’t mistake the Nokia X3 with the Royal Navy’s
The Royal Navy has its very own compact, high tech X3, way back in 1942. The X3 was a midget submarine designed to attack stationary warships by dropping timed explosive charges beneath them and then retreating. It was actually a hybrid craft, using a 30hp electric motor and a diesel engine modified from a London bus.