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May 28, 2010
Lumia Voices

Friday’s Pick and Mix #2

quality streetGLOBAL – It’s the end of another busy week and thus time for this week’s pick of articles offering industry comment, research and miscellenany from across the mobile blogosphere. Hopefully, there’s something here to excite your interest and imagination.

  • So you thought that teenagers were uncommunicative? Maybe you’re just using the wrong channels. The New York Times reveals that teens text more than they talk – on a mobile phone, that is. One in three of them sends over 100 a day.
  • Want to become an expert on mobile industry trends? Only got time to read one article to accomplish that? Well, here’s a good place to start. Analyst and writer (and former Nokia executive) Tomi Ahonen offers a comprehensive and very readable primer to the industry.
  • The mobile web is growing faster than the app market, according to this report. Whether that means one is more popular or ‘right’ than the other remains open to question. Any and all developments that make it easier to get things done and enjoy content while you’re away from your desk are a good thing in our books.
  • If you’re still hungry for trends and predictions – perhaps with a more commercial focus – then a look at this white paper from Mobile Marketing Watch may be well worth your time. According to the publishers, the paper promises to answer the question: “how will mobile technologies change the way we live today?”
  • Finally, if carrying two shopping bags is preventing you from picking up calls or if – like me – your fingers are too fat to operate today’s dinky devices, then you may well be interested in the EyePhone – an experimental interface from researchers at Dartmouth College that allows users to operate their phones using eye movements. Eye-tracking technology has been in use for a number of years to help improve access to technology for people with disabilities. A mobile version would certainly prove a very useful addition in this area.

That’s it for this week. As ever, do send along any links you find during the week via the comments, and we’ll definitely consider them for next week.