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May 31, 2010

OviDailyApp – Fishfarm, Spitfire and Phonelocator Periodic

Fishfarm_tankGLOBAL – We’ve got a mixture of apps from the selection over at OviDailyApp this week. This week we have a game that will go down swimmingly, and an app for musical maestros and a handy tool that will save you hours of futile searching for your phone behind the sofa. Join us after the jump for more.

First-up: Fishfarm. This game does exactly what the name suggests and lets you create your own aquatic habitat on your handset. Creating an aquatic wonderland is one thing; keeping it alive is quite another. Think of Fishfarm as a mobile version of Tamagotchi: you create the aquarium and then you have to keep it going. The better caretaker you are, the more points you earn and this in turn lets you unlock additional fish and plants.  If you don’t look after your fishy friends, you’ll be left with what resembles a rockpool rather than a full-blown aquarium. Fishfarm is available in Ovi Store for free.

Next-up we have Spitfire. Remember the days when you used to play the drums with a saucepan and a wooden spoon? All that practice may not have been for nothing. Spitfire allows you to record virtually anything and transform it into a musical beat. The app puts a four-track, loop-based audio recording and mixing setup in the palm of your hand. For those less musically minded, it basically means that you can use it to record your own short sequences of beats, notes or chords strummed on a guitar (or any other ‘instrument’) – and layer these loops on top of each other to produce your musical masterpiece.

It uses your Nokia phone’s built-in microphone, or the one in the headphone cable, to record the sounds around you, be it nature, musical instruments, or snippets of recordings coming from a loudspeaker. The app also includes a small library of its own pre-recorded rhythm, bass, and melody tracks. All of these are available for mixing and matching as you like. The folks behind the app, Lionear Ltd, have put their musical talents to the test and transformed a ruler, a can and a sheet of paper into musical instruments. Check out the video to see this bizarre orchestra in action.

Finally, we have Phonelocator Periodic. We’ve all done it: lost our phone, tried to call it and the darn thing is on silent. There’s nothing more frustrating that searching every corner for your prized handset. However, those days may soon be over thanks to Phonelocator Periodic from the developer Phonelocator. The app periodically reports the location of your Nokia S60 device via SMS to a website, allows you to trigger a location update via SMS, and will even try to send a text message to a friend if someone changes the SIM card in your Nokia. Pretty handy we think. Over 50,000 people have already downloaded the app and, by all accounts, it works a treat. So if you’d like to save yourself some headaches, then download Phonelocator Periodic now, for free, over at Ovi Store.