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June 1, 2010

Ovi Store wants to teach you a lesson

lightbulbGLOBAL – One tricky part of buying mobile applications is that very often – unless you’ve read an in-depth review or have seen the app working on a friend’s device – you don’t know quite what you’re getting. Yes, the description says what it can do, but can it do those things well? You normally don’t know until you’ve got it. Happily, the folk at the Ovi Daily App blog feel your pain and have come up with a cunning plan to put paid to the post-purchase blues.

Introducing Ovi Daily App Tutorials – they’re available from the ‘Tutorials’ tab at the top of the blog, sensibly enough. Each presents a web-based walkthrough of either what an application does or how to achieve specific tasks with them. The step-by-step instructions are complemented by graphical display of what it will look like on a phone – a Nokia N97 mini, at present, but there are plans to include other devices. But really, if your phone is modern enough to be running Ovi Store software, then there shouldn’t be too much difference between this and the way the applications will work on your own device.

This is what they look like, squeezed up to fit our narrow columns:


At present, there are five tutorials online, with a new one promised every Tuesday. The Ovi Daily App folk would also like to hear your requests for apps in need of a tutorial. Leave them in the comments, either here, or on the announcement post.

image credit: Caveman 92223