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June 1, 2010

The Premium Posters of Pakistan

blogawards-redcarpetKARACHI, Pakistan – Many of the leading bloggers of Pakistan were awarded honours at the country’s first blog awards ceremony which took place last Friday (May 28). Organised by Google and CIO Pakistan magazine, and presented by Nokia, the awards celebrated the best of the country’s home-made media.

As with any other country, the exact numbers participating in social media are hard to come by, but Adeel Hashmi, Communications Manager, Nokia Pakistan and Afghanistan, estimates that there is a fast-growing cadre of over 400 active local blogs, serving an audience of over a million readers.

Speaking at the occasion, Hashmi said,

“The Pakistani blogging community reflects the ways that Pakistan is a progressive society; we know how to make an educated use of technology when it is available to us. I’m certain that given the right kind of exposure, Pakistani bloggers will become the key movers and shakers of our society.

Nokia is committed to bringing new technology to Pakistan at affordable prices through its mobile solutions which can empower the masses to use them for the betterment of their lives as well as society. Nokia has always been at the forefront of the digital drive in Pakistan and today we want to thank all those people who have been our companions in this journey.”


If you’re interested in seeing what the country’s best citizen journalists have to offer, then you should check out some of the links below, courtesy of the report in the Tribune Express. They’re all written in English.

1. Best Celebrity Blog

Naveen Naqvi:

2. Best Culture Blog

Yasir Niaz:

3. Best Humour Blog


4. Best Photo Blog

Awais Yaqub:

5. Best Current Affairs Blog

Adil Najam:

6. Best Diarist

Momal Mushtaq:

7. Best Travel Blog


8. Best Political Coverage Blog

Ahsan butt:

9. Best Personal Blog

Salman Latif:

10. Best Education Blog

Khurram Hassan Shafique:

A full list of the winners is available on the official site.

image credit: CIO Pakistan