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June 4, 2010

It’s Easy to be Green – The winning ideas

150x150_part7ESPOO, Finland – A couple of months ago, we launched the Easy to be Green campaign with the Nokia Environmental team. We charged you with the task of proposing your greenest, most earth-loving ideas with your mobile for a chance to have your storyboard premiered right here on Conversations. Hundreds of you got your creative juices going, but there can only be one, well this time, two winners and here they are in their own environmentally friendly videos. Join us after the jump for the world premier.

Congratulations to both K. Srikapardhi and Anna Gadomska. With the contest, we were looking for small, sustainable things you can do with your mobile that are easy to do and can have a positive impact on the planet. Two ideas jumped out: K. Srikapardhi’s idea to drive less and save fuel by using the navigation on your mobile, and Anna Gadomska’s idea to save energy by using your mobile’s video call feature instead of a separate webcam and desktop with a large LCD screen.

Along with having their ideas turned into a motion picture, the pair will also receive a Nokia 5630 XpressMusic device (or similar depending on regional variations). It’s a device packed with an army of green credentials including a Power Save mode, an ‘ Unplug Charger’ reminder, and Nokia’s high efficiency charger. The device also includes eco content and services: eco bookmarks, content and personalisation, eco tips in tutorial, maps for route optimisation, and more available on Ovi Store.

But enough about the loot, grab the popcorn, settle down for the premier of the pair’s  winning ideas transformed into animated videos.

Note: The case example in the video was based on the ©NAVTEQ Navigation Benefits Study (2009).

Note: The case example in the video is calculated by testing Nokia E71 and a typical desktop computer used in Nokia. The test for E71 was done via direct video call service, while on the PCs, the test was done with a Skype Client. The energy use is measured only in terminals.

What do you guys think? Impressed by the pair’s environmental use of their grey matter? Have any mother-earth-saving ideas to share? Go ahead and let us know in the comments section below.