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June 4, 2010

#NokiaNav video has 'wheel' impact

Since we released it yesterday, the #NokiaNav wrap up video has been zooming to all corners of the internet (question – does the internet have corners? Discuss). It’s on too many pages to list here, but some of them include:

The thread on VAGOC (Volkswagen and Audi Owners Club) started by Kontraband. It has all the pics of his experience, including the CK-200 car kit and the N97 mini

Amongst the many also bringing the video to their readers are Neil Bird (who was zipping round in a fast car), Jon Choo (who was zipping round on a marginally less fast bicycle) and Gabe (who just seemed to think the whole thing was ‘a dream scenario’).

What did you think of the video? And #NokiaNav as a whole?