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ESPOO, Finland – “It’s all about connecting people”. That’s what Apple executive Scott Forstall says in Apple’s new video for the latest iPhone. He is right. Nokia has used the slogan “Connecting People” for decades now, so we were pretty surprised to hear it used in the video. In fact, at last count, Nokia has connected over 1.2 billion family members, friends, business colleagues and other folk to one another.

And we weren’t the only ones to spot this either, it seems that Finnish website, Kauppalehti, got a bit hot under the collar when they picked up that Apple had lifted Nokia’s strapline and used it in their promo video.

Actually we’re pretty flattered Scott chose to say “connecting people” in his bit of the video. Especially as Macstories seemed to think it makes a pretty good headline too.

It’s rewarding to see that after nearly two decades, our mantra of “connecting people” still resonates so strongly. And of course, now we’ll be watching to ensure that our protected trademarks are not used in an inappropriate way in future!

Image credit: Caro Wallis