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June 14, 2010

OviDailyApp – New tricks

salsa_ovidailyappGLOBAL – Can an old dog learn new tricks? If it taps into the Ovi Store, it certainly can. The Ovi Store isn’t just about solving problems and making your life easier using the library of apps available; it can also teach us a thing or two, or three for that matter. This week’s selection of three apps, from OviDailyApp, has us attempting a touch of star gazing; brushing-up on our salsa and cooking the perfect egg. Fancy grasping a new talent? Join us after the jump.

Kicking-off our journey of discovery is Norbsoft’s SkyMap. As the name suggests, SkyMap offers a complete map of the sky above our heads. The app will locate where you are in the world and your current time-zone, before offering opening up the layers of information above you. Choose to view either: planets, stars, constellations, sun and moon, messier objects, grid azimuth or labels. If, like us, you have no idea what these labels are, select them all. Fiddling done; sit back and explore the skies. If you want to know more about that star that sits in the middle of Orion’s belt, just zoom in, hook-up to the internet and you’ll be challenging Patrick Moore with your astronomy knowledge in no-time.

At £3.00, Norbsoft’s SkyMap is a decent offering if you have an interest in the stars, or just want to answer the odd question from an inquisitive family member.

Second in our new talent show we have Salsa Basics. Latino lovers take note; this is an app that puts a latin dance teacher in the palm of your hand. Aimed at both males and females, CubicVideo’s Mobile Dance Trainer – the bods behind Salsa Basics – uses a clever and effective combination of animations and video of live dancers to instruct beginners in basic steps and movement of the upper-body. Use up-to six different angles to follow your tiny dancers as they whizz around the screen. Each angle is synchronised to the others, making it possible to study all of the movements required of each partner – and equally important, how each of individual movement meshes together with the others, beat by beat.

The first set of instructions, Salsa Basic Step – for men, is available free in Ovi Store. The lady’s view of the app is available, too. To see the other steps available, take a look at all of the titles available from CubicVideo GmbH.

If auditioning with your teddy for Strictly Ballroom isn’t your thing, can we tempt you with some cooking? Our third, and final app, solves the problem of cooking the perfect egg.  According to the app, created by Pico Brothers Ltd., the answer for the perfect egg comes in the form of one number: the time that the egg should be left in the pan once the water starts to boil. To get that one number, The Perfect Egg asks you to choose whether you’d like your egg to be liquid, soft, or hard. It also takes into account the size of the egg, the altitude at which the egg is being cooked, and the temperature of the egg when it is placed in the pot. Who knew that cooking the perfect egg was like solving a mathematical puzzle? Once you’ve cracked it, you’ll be dishing out the perfect egg and soldiers in no time. If you’re not sure what boiling an egg looks like, check-out the handy video below. The Perfect Egg can be downloaded from the Ovi Store. It is priced at £1.50.