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June 15, 2010

Ovi Maps in pictures

N97-min-Ovi-MapsLONDON, England – Now bundled on more phones than you can shake a lollipop lady’s stick at, Ovi Maps is the destination to get you around. Fresh with the new version (3.04) – along with free navigation – there’s oodles more content. Ovi Maps; now brings free navigation to 77 countries and 46 languages worldwide; extra information on more than 25 million points of interest and it’s now faster than ever. But what does it look like? Before you take the plunge take a look at our pictorial walkthrough with Nokia’s Ovi Maps. Join us after the jump to start the journey.

Ovi Maps: Homescreen icon
Where better place to kick things off than, well, the start. Ovi Maps is one touch away as soon as you boot-up your phone. It can either sit in your app draw, or plonk it on your homescreen.


Ovi Maps: Location finder
Once you’ve got things started Ovi Maps will almost instantly find-out where you are, anywhere in the world. With over 77 countries available, Ovi Maps will know if you’re in Calcutta or Cancun, even if you’re not too sure.


Ovi Maps: Search
Search where you need to go by: country, post code, city, street and number. Just type your requirements in, and it’ll pinpoint your chosen destination. You can pick whether to walk or get behind the wheel with a simple click too.


Ovi Maps: Journey overview
Before you set-off, click to view the journey overview for a complete picture of where you’re headed. Ovi Maps will also check if you’d like to call in anywhere along the way – for a coffee perhaps – and add these as points to your journey.


Ovi Maps: Journey data
Not sure if it’s a bit far to walk? Check out the journey overview for data on distance, time and an estimate of your average speed.


Ovi Maps: Walking
Opt to view the map in either landscape or portrait mode when you’re out-and-about. What’s more, you can choose if you’d like directions using the power of speech from the library of voice-packs available. We went for the English surfer dude. Each to their own, as they say.


Ovi Maps: Driving
The feel of the driving mode is a bit different to walking. In landscape and portrait the map is clear and it’s easy to see if you need to go right, left or you’ve completely missed your turn.


Ovi Maps: Points of interest
Making full use of the location-based services, you’ll be able to search for nearby petrol stations, travel links, entertainment, restaurants or museums. What’s more, click on something that takes your fancy, and the app will take you to the relevant website to book tickets, check opening times and other useful information.


Ovi Maps: Traffic information
Currently available in over ten countries, traffic information on Ovi Maps includes updates on congestion and safety camera warnings.


Have you guys got any interesting pictures of Ovi Maps? Got any interesting tales of when Ovi Maps got you out of a sticky situation? Let us know in the comments down south.