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GLOBAL – Dual SIM phones have been a hot topic here on Conversations. You welcomed the announcement of the Nokia C2 with wide-open arms, but how would you put the two-timing phone to use? Our comments section was awash with your opinions on the announcement, and over 800 of you voted in last week’s poll. Join us after the jump to find out how most people would use a dual SIM phone.

The most popular reason people want a dual SIM phone is to use one SIM for work and one for personal use. Over 36 per cent of you voted that you’d use the phone for this purpose. With the Nokia C2, in particular, it’s easy to switch between SIMs. as they’ll both work simultaneously. Take a call from a nagging partner and appease your boss at exactly the same time. It’s multitasking made easy.

A close second comes in the shape of using both SIMs on different networks and contracts. A number of you commented on this when we announced the C2 and in the topic section on the site. Is it due to operators offering different tariffs for various points in the day? Or to make calls to contacts on the same network?

Third-up is using one SIM card abroad and one for home. For me, personally, this would be the main draw for a dual SIM phone. Being a mobile worker, I’m often abroad at an event or product launch, but I still need to be at the end of the phone. Having the option to switch one SIM card that’s dedicated to the country I’m travelling to would be a great addition – for me, and my poor bank manager.

Taking fourth place with 11 per cent of the vote is the option to use one SIM for browsing and one for basic phone functions. Again, this comes down to the networks. You may have a family member on a particulate operator, but another offers unlimited data. With a dual SIM phone you can have your browser and use it.

Ten per cent of you said that the main use of a dual SIM phone would be to save pocket space by carrying one phone instead of two; making it the fifth in our results. It’d be interesting to find out what each function the two phones you carried had? Was one for work and one for personal? Two on different networks? Let us know in the comments below.

Moving on to the bottom end of the results; scraping the bottom – with a mere 0.5 per cent of the vote – was having one phone for numerous family members. Interestingly, I believe, these poll results could change dramatically dependent on region. Here on Conversations a large number of our readers are from the developed world. In developing countries – where phones are a necessity but aren’t as easy to come by – the results maybe completely different.

As ever, the other option makes for some interesting reading. Two per cent of you voted for the other option and a couple had their own uses for a dual SIM phone. Namely, one of our reader’s comment was: one SIM for my wife and the second for my affair, and another would use a dual SIM phone to live happily in both real life and his/her fake life. There are always some, as they say.

What’s clear to see is that the introduction of a dual SIM phone for Nokia in the shape of the Nokia C2 has certainly created a buzz. But, what next? Where would you like to see the dual SIM functionality? Is there a perfect phone that you think should have space to nuzzle two cards? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.