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LONDON, England – The Nokia Eseries is all about business. These are not mere phones, folks, they are the nerve centres of corporate communications. They are offices away from the office. They track the pulse of the Stock Exchange and the current of commerce. And ermm… they need to be good at making phone calls, too. Business devices are all about messaging, flexible communications and reliability. We’ve picked out 10 of the Eseries’ myriad talents we think you should know about.

Twiddling Thumbs Eseries is all about business communications. When you’re trying to prepare an RFP for the MD ASAP, what you want is QWERTY. All bar three of the Eseries range come with full keyboards to make flexing your thumbs to create email on the move fast and accurate.

Frequent Fliers High-powered business users need bands – and not the sort that come with a drum-kit and guitars. The Eseries has got it covered, with a minimum of tri-band and most likely quad-band communications: so you can go ahead and collect your air miles without worrying that you might ever be out of touch.

Mail Man Eseries devices run Nokia Messaging, which will give you access to all the POP and IMAP you can throw at it. It’s also happy to talk using Mobile VPN, Nokia Intellisync Mobile, Mail for Exchange and Lotus Notes Traveler, enabling you to connect to corporate, or personal, email swiftly and securely.

Management Speak Roaming Eseries users often have to hold meetings while they’re on the move and stay in touch with multiple members of the team. Eseries devices support conference calling across the range, plus group distribution of text messages. As you’d expect, they also handle call waiting, call divert and call hold without breaking a sweat.

Battery Powered The last thing you need when you’re closing the deal is a power cut. Eseries devices are built to last. The Nokia E5, for example, boasts a whopping 18h 30m of talktime – that’s more talktime than you get standby time on a lesser phone. Talking of standby, you get 705 hours on the E5. We’ve owned pets that didn’t last that long.

Safe as Houses Eseries takes security seriously. Set up the Remote Lock feature, available on most recent Eseries devices, and – if it’s lost – you can simply send your device a message to stop prying eyes unearthing your business secrets. You can take it even further, too, by setting up encrypted memory cards or using mobile VPN.

Full Capacity The latest Eseries devices might be slim enough to slide inside a suit pocket, but that doesn’t mean they can’t pack plenty of storage. The Nokia E5 will take MicroSD cards up to 32GB. Enough for you to carry more PowerPoint than your competitors. Keep the chairman’s video address to investors next to your heart. Or your complete MP3 collection.

Office to Go There’s no point having a mobile office if you can’t look at office docs on the move. Eseries has you covered here, with QuickOffice on board enabling you to open and edit Word, PowerPoint and Excel docs and there’s Microsoft Mobile Office in the pipeline.

Out of Hours Business users are people too, sometimes. Your phone should let you relax at the end of a busy day, so you need a decent digital still and video camera, a music player and radio. The Nokia E71 is a good example of mixing business with pleasure: as well as all the corporate features above, you’ve got a 3.2 megapixel camera with LED flash and autofocus, a VGA video camera, support for six different digital music formats and an FM Radio.

E is for… You might be thinking Enterprise or Executive, and they are certainly useful memory aids for remembering what this series is all about. But no.. Nokia won’t be drawn on what the letters stand for in its model naming conventions: E just stands for E in this case.

Got any more Eseries tips or thoughts to share? Let us know in the comments below.

Image via clintonjeff