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June 18, 2010
Lumia Voices

Friday’s Pick and Mix #5

quality streetGLOBAL – Time, once more, for this week’s round-up of blog posts, news items and opinions that didn’t fit into any particular category but still seemed well-worth bringing to your attention. Let us know what you’d like more of in the comments, and do let us know if you see any interesting stories over the course of the week that you think we should include in next week’s selection.

  • The BBC College of Journalism offers its tips on shooting video using a mobile device, together with a short video to illustrate its advice. (via. AAS)
  • At what age should children be given their first mobile phone? Apparently three-quarters of teens in the US own one, up from 45 per cent in 2004. The New York Times asked child psychologists and safety experts for their advice. The consensus seems to be – not until secondary school and look into what limits and controls you can put on their accounts.
  • What does your choice of mobile say about your personality? FunnyCrave provides its diagnosis.
  • Interesting presentations in a blog post from Indigo 102 about the state of mobile publishing. In brief, the thinking is that the innovation needs to come from the publishing industry rather than technology companies. Better devices are only a small part of the answer for traditional media.
  • Diplomacy via text messages? The Hill looks into the US State Department’s use of mobile technology to give more people access, citing the example of 200,000 questions gathered from Africans for a press interview during President Obama’s visit.
  • Symbian Guru asks ‘Should Nokia release a $1000 phone?’ Our initial reaction was, of course, “Wha-? No.” But read on to see what he’s thinking.
  • And finally, the Glastonbury Festival is upon us again next week. But how will visitors keep their phones charged? Mobile network Orange offers a green-friendly solution in the form of power wellies. Apparently, it takes 12 hours of stomping around to generate the power for one hour’s phone use, though, so it would probably make sense to have a Plan B.

Once again, do let us know of any mobile-related blogs we should add to our list of daily reading in the comments below.