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June 18, 2010

Ovi Mail in pictures

Ovi MailLONDON, England – Continuing our pictorial journey through the land of Nokia services – we’re looking at Ovi Mail this time round. Not content with just dishing out addresses to those in need of an email, Ovi Mail will sync between its webmail interface and the Nokia handset in your pocket, so you’re always within reach of your email.  One-touch access means that you’ll be able to check that email from your boss, restaurant reservation or someone on Facebook lovingly letting you know that they’ve just eaten cereal for breakfast, instantly. What does it look like? Join us after the jump to find out.

Ovi Mail: Set-up
In a word; easy. Just log-on with a username and password of your choice to create an email address. Once you’re done you’re on your way.


Ovi Mail: Installing on your phone
You’ve got the address; now all you need to do is get it on your device. Just click on options in messages, type in your Ovi address, and compatible handsets will start to retrieve emails from the word go. Forget fiddly bits about servers and what not, it’s just click-and-go.


Ovi Mail: Inbox
Messages are displayed according to date, and show the sender name along with the subject line. Just one touch, and Ovi Mail will instantly retrieve the complete email for you. There are also options for you to take a peak at your outbox, sent box, trash and saved emails. There’s no need to worry about space either; Ovi Mail comes toting 1GB of storage included.


Ovi Mail: Sending emails
Using your handset, simply click compose, and start typing. We’re using a Nokia X6, so there’s the option to use the keyboard in either landscape or portrait. Although we’re using a larger screen, Ovi Mail is also designed to be used on smaller screens, such as those found on S40 phones.


Ovi Mail: Contacts
Once you’re done typing your bits, click on the To field and opt to send an email to any of your contacts saved on the phone; alternatively just type an email in. There’s also the option to add Cc and Bcc addresses.


Ovi Mail: Getting emails
Dependent on your contract, either retrieve emails constantly while your on the move, or choose when to update your inbox.


Ovi Mail: Extras
Heading off on hols? Activate the Out of Office on your account to let people now you’re now in sunnier climes. There’s also built-in spam and virus protection to keep everything secure.