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June 21, 2010

OviDailyApp – World Cup fever takes over…again

sport_mudbathGLOBAL –  OK, so England fans aren’t too happy, Italian fans are in disarray and the less said about the French fans the better. This year’s World Cup, over in South Africa, is proving a little tough for the Europeans. But don’t lose faith, the folks over on OviDailyApp have a trio of footballing apps that we may, at least, be in with a chance of winning. Join us after the jump for a look at the apps that’ll make you ‘appy.

Leading the way out of the dressing room is Soccer Pet. Wayne Rooney may have lost his cool with the fans on Friday, but with this app, we’ll be the ones controlling the players. Using the app, you can train, dress and play with your digital star all-day-long on your Nokia S60 5th Edition. In addition, you can participate in a global contest predicting and matching the scores of your player’s team to win prizes and accessories for your Soccer Pet. There are seven different versions of the game in the following countries: USA, Portugal, Cameroon, Brazil, Germany, France and England. Each comes with a different soccer pet to love and care for. We’ll be setting-up Capello with the whole England team in due course. The app is available on Ovi Store now, for £1.00.

Filing-out in second place is Trivian World Cup. Think you know football? Put your knowledge to the test. It’s not just about knowing the ins-and-outs of the offside rule; this app will fire questions testing your mastery of the facts that fuel the passions of football fans worldwide.

Each game consists of 15 questions in total; the more questions you get correct, the more points you bag. As you travel around the world on your footballing quest the more questions you face. Fancy your chances? Here’s a teaser:

The winner of the 1994 World Cup was decided in a penalty shoot-out at the Rose Bowl. How far is the penalty spot from the goal (in meters)?
Is it: 9, 11, 16 or 22 metres?

Trivian World Cup is available for £1.00 in Ovi Store and is compatible with a host of Nokia devices. Find out the correct answer to the question above and lots more here.

Lastly, in the back four, we have FOO-CUP. We mentioned this app in the newsletter last week, but we think it’s well worth another look. If you’re a football fan – and want to share you love for the beautiful game with others – take a look at FOO-CUP. Along with making you laugh every time you say the game’s name a bit too fast, the game is all about getting you to guess the outcome of the matches that’ll be played over in South Africa. The more you guess correctly, the more points you accumulate. In the newsletter, our guess for the final was: England 3 – 2 Germany. We think we’ll have to don our guessing hats again for this one. FOO-CUP is also available for £1.00 over on the Ovi Store.