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June 22, 2010

Conspiracy For Good: A Call for Heroes

CFGLONDON, England – We like a good story here on Conversations, and this summer is looks set to be an interesting one, thanks to the launch of Conspiracy For Good. It’s a new entertainment experience, an experiment in multimedia, multi-platform story-telling and a smart way to raise support for needy causes. Joining the movement will enable you to participate in a story from Heroes creator Tim Kring that takes place in cyberspace, on your mobile and in the real world.

You can get involved by joining the cause at Conspiracy For Good. There, you’ll learn about a 2000-year-old movement that has fought against villainy across the ages and now faces a very modern threat. From there, the path leads to other sites, videos on YouTube, Twitter channels, documents, onto your mobile device and out into the physical world. Alongside actors and celebrities, you join a cause to fight for social and environmental justice against a greedy mega corporation. You can solve mysteries online, play casual games on your phone and use applications to uncover more clues. There are already a series of web sites and accounts that form a part of the tangled web of CFG, with more to appear as the plot progresses.

On your Nokia, part of the story occurs on Ovi Maps, steering characters away from the evil villains and discovering destinations and meeting points. Casual games are available through Ovi Store that unlock access codes to confidential websites. On Ovi Music, working out hidden information within tracks will also advance the story.

In the UK, you can download a special edition of the free augmented reality service Point & Find – available from mid-July. The special app (called Conspiracy For Good: DeadDrop) will let users point their Nokia devices at objects in the real world and take part in real world challenges in London later in the summer as the first phase of the project draws towards a dramatic finale. If the plot ends well and the bad guys are thwarted, this will result in very good things happening for the Chataika Basic School, located in the village of Chataika in eastern Zambia.

“I believe that storytelling has the power to create positive change in the world. Audiences today want to be more involved in stories,” said Tim Kring, 2010 Digital Emmy Pioneer Award winner for transmedia storytelling. “Our goal with the Conspiracy For Good is to entice, engage, and inspire the audience to drive real-world change through their participation in a narrative.”

If the whole thing sounds quite complex, that’s because it is. Taking a story into multiple platforms, where real people take part and affect the outcome isn’t a simple task. In the works for over 12 months, Conspiracy For Good is a completely new look at story telling, utilising some of the most advanced technology available right now. Excited? We are. Let us know what you think in the comments below.