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June 23, 2010

How do you backup your phone? (Poll results)

ovi-suiteGLOBAL – Last week, we asked you to tell us how you keep your data safe. When you switch phones, how do you stop your library of numbers disappearing into the ether? A good question we thought, and hundreds of you voted. Are you backup savvy? Do you have an internet service of choice? Or, do you risk it and go without?

Over 36 per cent of you opted to use Nokia’s own Ovi suite, which is a pretty decisive chunk of the votes, but who followed? Read on.

Nokia PC Desktop pulled up second in the vote with 19 per cent. All About Symbian picked-up on this article last week and questioned the difference between the pair [Ovi Suite and Nokia PC Desktop]. Well, they were right, there is no difference apart from the change of name. Nokia Ovi Suite is Nokia PC Desktop. So, taking that into consideration, Nokia’s own offerings take well over 50 per cent of the vote (55 per cent). You guys seem to be happy with what’s on offer? What is it in particular that you like about Ovi Suite? Does it make life easier? Have you had bad experiences in the past with other services?

Ten per cent of you don’t backup your phones: making it the fourth most popular answer in our poll. Is there a reason? Have you always had the same phone? Never lost a phone and don’t feel the need to backup? Let us know. In fifth place, we had SyncML (eight per cent) and sixth place was nabbed by web services (five per cent). A number of you mentioned Funambol in the comments. Is there something in particular you like about this service?

Somewhat surprisingly, only three per cent of you use an email provider service. Could this be because you backup everything on your phone and not just emails?

The “other” category though, which nabbed third spot, was peppered with alternatives. First out of the bag is the backup system pre-loaded onto the Nokia N900. Would this be something that you’d like to see emerge across all devices?

Much more popular was using SD cards as your backup weapon of choice. Tens of you commented that you’d use a memory card to keep your data secure. What if you lost it? Do you use another service as well?

Something we missed? Let us know in the comments below.