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June 24, 2010

Ovi Store in pictures

Ovi Store LONDON, England – There have been a few changes over on Ovi Store of late. Both the mobile and desktop experiences have been given a facelift, and a few nifty features have been added to the pile. We thought it was about time we took you on a pictorial tour through the new look store. Join us after the jump for some window shopping.

Ovi Store: Update
First-up, it’s worth noting that only this week Ovi Store was updated from version 1.06 (18) to v1.07(12). With the new update comes the introduction of ‘continuous’ pages for the content list, allowing you to scroll though everything you search for; improved search, including the ability to search for keywords in the complete title of the app, and an updated category structure. So, if you hop-on to Ovi Store on your handset and receive a screen asking you to update. Keep calm and carry on.


Ovi Store: Log in
A point to note for those Ovi Store newcomers; you’ll have to create a Nokia account and log in before you can start downloading the apps available.


Ovi Store: Search
As we mentioned previously, thanks to the new update, search in Ovi Store has been improved. The best example we spotted – thanks to All About Symbian – is that if you type ‘York’ into search, you’ll not only get apps starting with the keyword but also apps including the word in the title e.g New York. Clever eh?


Ovi Store: App previews
Once you’re done hunting and selected the app you like the look of, just click to reveal the preview screen. Here you’ll find everything from a short description of the app to screenshots. Also, there are tons of reviews from users for each app. These are now rated using a score, up-to five stars, and state what device the app was used on.


Ovi Store: Downloading
Now, thanks to OTA downloads, you can nab your apps anywhere. Simply click on download and you’re away.


Ovi Store: Apps-a-plenty
That’s it you’re ready to unleash your new app plaything. Once the app is installed, Ovi Store will place the new addition to your phone in the app drawer. There are hundreds of free apps on Ovi Store, but if you’ve picked an app that has a price-tag, operator billing is available for those with access to the mobile store, including AT&T in the USA. We’re off to get our picture with one of the 1GOAL ambassadors.