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June 28, 2010

Nokia N97 mini does the fashion circuit – Competition

Nokia-N97-Mini-GoldLONDON, England – What do you get if you introduce a fashion blogger to the Nokia N97 mini? A suitcase full of style, that’s what. Launched last year, the N97 mini – along with being an extremely social little critter and a multimedia mogul – isn’t shy about its fashion credentials. Over the past few months, Nokia has been shipping the device to a bevy of fashion bloggers in a bid to fill a suitcase full of posh clobber. How did the sultans of style get on? Join us after the jump for more, and to find out how you can win the whole suitcase.

Bridging the gap between the fashion conscious and the techies, as part of the project, writers were asked to use the handset’s myriad of vogue talents: using the phone’s camera to capture the fashion sense of their country; getting to grips with fashion widgets such as ELLE, 360 Fashion, Gravity and Mademoiselle a Paris; and creating a shopping itinerary using Ovi Maps.

At each step along the way an item of fashion was added to the suitcase from every country. Traversing the globe, the N97 minis were used by fashion bloggers from Spain (, Ireland (, Finland (, Sweden (, Belgium (, Italy ( and France ( Each blogger uploaded a diary of their time with the model device, and uploaded pics of their couture contribution. Here’s a rundown of what each blogger added:

– – David Delfin sunglasses;
– – Helen McAlinden jacket;
– – gTIE Knot ‘n’ Roll necklace;
– – Acne Studios wallet;
– – Marcel singlet, Kipling bag and Hermanos Inglesos: The Wander of You;
– – Massimiliamo Adami Cheap Murano plastic glasses;
– – Owen & Savary Julia bracelet.

The suitcase is now suitably full and here’s a sneak peak of what lurks under the lid:


Like what you see? Well, you could nab the whole lot and your own Nokia N97 mini.  All you need to do is let us know how you’d use the Nokia N97 mini to unleash your passion for fashion. Is there a fashion app that you can’t live without? Have you created the perfect shopping trip using Ovi Maps? Let us know in the comments below. We’ll pick one lucky winner and ship the suitcase on.

UPDATE: This competition is now closed and the lucky winner is Frida. Congratulations.