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June 30, 2010

What’s the big idea? IdeasProject

lightbulbGLOBAL – There’s always a wealth of new devices and services being launched and refined and that keeps things pretty exciting for us. But there are also times when it’s necessary to step back, take a breather and have a think about where it’s all going. For times like those, as well as this blog, it’s well-worth taking a peek at what’s going on with the IdeasProject.

IdeasProject – hosted at – is a Nokia project to bring together the big thinkers in communications, business and technology and allow them (and you) to express, discuss and explore their ideas for the future. If you’re looking for the big picture on a particular topic, or have come up with a genius idea that might change the world, then it’s a really good place to start.


Contributors include some real heavyweights – people like Chris Anderson, the editor of Wired magazine, Charlene Li of the Altimeter group and Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia. Normally, they’ll present some of their ideas through a video. Sometimes a short article. There’s also plenty of community areas to submit, vote for and discuss big ideas generally.

Here’s designer and entrepreneur Rupa Chaturvedi, for example, talking about the ways mobility can help remote communities:

Our favourite part, though, is the Question and Answer section. Each week, a visiting expert will ask a question of the community, which will then discuss it over the course of the week, with the best answers showcased in a blog post at the beginning of the next week.

This week’s question comes from journalist Mike Elgan, who asks, “If all knowledge is available instantly to everyone from everywhere, how does that change what we learn – and what we don’t have to learn?”

Deep stuff. Let us know what you think of the site in the comments.