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July 5, 2010

OviDailyApp – Game on!

ovidaily_gameonGLOBAL – Ovi Store offers a library of apps for us to transform our phones into anything, from a shopping list helper to a financial advisor. These are certainly useful, but sometimes we just want to have fun. This week’s trio of treats from OviDailyApp are addictive games that’ll have you spending hours staring at your phone and shouting profanities as you lose yet again. Are you ready to get addicted to mobile gaming? Join us after the break.

To start things off, we have Angry Birds. Now, we’re sure most of you have already played this bonkers game, but now we’ve been set a challenge. The folks over on Ovi have thrown down the gauntlet, and want you to try and beat their high scores.

For those who aren’t familiar with the game and its strangely irate feathered folk here’s a quick synopsis. There are birds and then there are pigs. The pigs have stolen the birds’ eggs and they’re clearly incensed. Clear as mud? Watch this handy video for a complete catch-up:

Your job is to fling the little birds directly at the pigs, to topple their towers, and generally wreak havoc in waves of justified cartoon vengeance that will have you cheering for these not-so-defenseless feathered friends.

Currently the pair of highest scorers are Adnan Sofic (112,090) and Brian Jones (96,260). Reckon you can beat them? Get your game on.

Next up in the Ovi Store arcade is Trigna. Here, in a nutshell, is how it works: Trigna displays a rectangular playing arena with 5, 10, or maybe even more dots sprinkled here and there. Your job is to touch any three dots of the same colour, one at a time, that form a triangle – and then, do that again, and again, forming as many new triangles as you can as fast as you can. Once you’ve completed all possible triangles, or when that level’s time runs out, it’s on to another set of dots. Sounds easy enough? It would be, but the more levels you complete, the harder it gets and your little triangle helper isn’t best pleased if you get things wrong. Trigna is available for £4.00 in Ovi Store and here’s a video of the app in action.

Finally, here’s Marble Maze 2 touch. You may think that this is just like any other get-the-ball-in-the-hole kind of game, but don’t be fooled. In Marble Maze there’s 70 levels of play from dead simple, to the ridiculously difficult. You can also select from three ball types: metal, rubber or super pingpong. If, somehow, 70 levels aren’t enough for you, Marble Maze 2 touch also lets you create your own custom labyrinths. Using a guided wizard program, you set the starting point, end point, then build walls and moving plates. To learn more, watch this YouTube video of Marble Maze 2 touch:

It’s available now on Ovi Store for £3.00.

Don’t forget to let us know your top scores in the comments below. We’re off for another tussle with those angry birds.