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SOUTHWOOD, England – When the Nokia N8 was announced, we shared some initial sample images of the device. We’ve since convinced the team behind the camera to share some more, and oh boy, what a treat. We have almost 40 images in all, charting the development of the N8’s camera over a period of three months. The pictures were taken by a variety of folk involved in the camera’s development. In some cases the quality got worse before it got better, as is prone to happening during the development process. Damian Dinning points out that with over 300 variables at play, tweaking one setting often results in interfering with another.

Of course, this is only a small selection from the many thousands taking during the device’s development, and tweaking is still going on. We should have more low light images to share soon as this aspect of the camera is still being tuned. Meanwhile, wet your lips on this lot! Pictures are shown here in the order they were taking, from April through to June 2010. Click on the thumbnail to view the full size image as it arrived from the device. Untouched. Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments below.