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July 12, 2010

OviDailyApp – Thank you for the music

ovidailyapp_musicGLOBAL – Not all of us are musically inclined. But, if you know your choruses from your chords, there are a few apps on Ovi Store that can hone your musical talents. This week’s trinity of apps, from the folks over on the OviDailyApp blog, all have melody on their minds. So, if you’d like to turn your handset into a music maker, join us after the jump.

Kicking things off is Drum Box. If you fancy yourself as a closet Ringo Starr or Keith Moon, you could get started by downloading this app. The app has everything you’d expect in a drummer’s arsenal, and another 40 different instruments to boot. As you’d imagine, it allows you to create various layers using the instrument available. Decide how much of each instrument to feature within a specific pattern, and how often. You can also adjust the tempo, tweaking the number of beats per minute. If you don’t like one of the instruments in your pattern set, you can easily replace it with a different instrument. Sounds simple? It is. You’ll be jammin’ in no time. DrumBox is available to download now for £3.00 on Ovi Store.

Next, in our app orchestra, we have Gig Finder. This app won’t teach you any musical talents, but it’ll find the places where people with bags of it play. Gig finder doesn’t just do what the name suggests. Based on your profile – where you live, your favorite artists, bands and musical genres, etc. – the software can automatically identify upcoming performances that will likely be of interest. For the most popular venues and artists, Gig Finder can help you to buy tickets for concerts and, from Nokia’s own online music store, pre-recorded music tracks, too. Finally, it can help you to share your findings with your circle of friends. By all accounts, it’s pretty handy, and accurate at finding the gigs that you might want to head to. Best of all, Gig Finder is free to download now over on Ovi Store.

Last, but not least, we have Playlist DJ. This funky app trawls through your library of songs and matches each one with a playlist that you’re in the mood to listen to. Using sliders within the app, tweak between your levels of joy, passion, anger, and tempo. The app will then gage your mood and play suitable songs accordingly. Feeling angry? Here’s some Nine Inch Nails. Feeling happy? Here: have some Vampire Weekend. The resulting playlist includes 24 songs. And – if you really like the results – and we expect that you will – you can save the list for future playback. The app also has a feature (within the Options menu) to create a playlist of similar songs to the results you just found. If you fancy playing music to suit your mood, Playlist DJ is available to download now over on Ovi Store. If you fancy taking a closer look at Playlist DJ, here’s a handy walkthrough video, courtesy of fonearena.

Have you guys spotted apps with musical talents? Have you used any of the apps in the article? What do you think? Head down south and let us know.