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GLOBAL – ‘WoM’ stands for ‘word of mouth’ and WOMWorld is Nokia’s blog dedicated to Nokia blog posts: the ones that aren’t written by people who work for the company. It’s where you can go to find out what the world is saying about us and find some of the most interesting voices in the blogosphere. You’ll find independent reviews, opinion and real-life advice from just about anyone – apart from us (sob!).

If you’re considering a new purchase but want to hear some opinions from ‘real’ people, or you’ve just got hold of a new device and want some ideas about things you could do with it, then the vast index of articles will definitely fill your needs. We just counted over 40 reviews of the Nokia E72, for example, before we got tired of counting.

The site isn’t just an aggregation of search results, though. Dedicated editors scour the Web for new stories and bring the best to this public forum. They pick out the juiciest bits and explain exactly why you might want to read the story in its entirety. If you already use something like Google Reader to consume a lot of blogs, then you’ll know that there’s a lot of value in having human editors giving the vast amount of material available a second sweep to discover the handful that are really required reading on any given day.


Nokia fans with their own websites, blogs or other social media presence may be interested to know that the site is also used for applying to get hold of trial devices. You’ll need to come up with a good idea for your test, however.

Talking of other blogs, though, which are the ones that we ought to add to our reading list on a regular basis?

image credit: weglet