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GLOBALDesign by Community is back with a vengeance. Our designers have been sharpening their pencils, spending hours at the drawing board and they’ve come up with three sketches for you to vote on. Over the past month, the designers have worked with your suggestions for the ultimate concept phone. Now, it’s time for you to find out what it could look like, and vote on your favourite sketch. The winning sketch will be transformed into a 3D render that we’ll reveal right here on Conversations. Before all that, join us after the jump for a look at the sketches of the Design by Community concept device.

Before we take a look at the sketches, here’s what you gave the designers to work with:

Display and UI: 4-inch capacitive 16:9. Power button, camera, zoom and volume button controls
60 x 110 x 6-10mm
Auto lens cover
Soft touch
Single colour
Super strength
OS: Open source operating system with unlimited multitasking
Connectivity: Support for 802.11 n/b/g wireless standards, USB 3 connectivity, HDMI connectivity, cable charger and Dolby Surround Sound
Camera: 8-megapixel, 4X optical zoom, Dual LED and Xenon flash, HD video capture and instant image capture
Enhancements: Kinetic power booster, multiple OS support, surround sound speakers, upgradable Flash memory, upgradable image sensor

So, without further ado, here are the Design by Community concept sketches. Which one is the Nokia U? [NB: you can click on the images to open a larger version in a new tab].

Now, it’s time to vote for your favourite concept sketch. Will you opt for an angular or a curved design? A fully metal back, or one with rubberised edges? Cast your vote and let us know. After your votes have been cast, the sketch with the highest number of ballots will be transformed into a 3D render. We’ll have the poll open for a week, so get in quick and let us know which one of the sketches gets your vote: