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July 27, 2010

Nokia Original Accessories: in-car essentials

carkit_incarGLOBAL – These days, mobile phones are becoming navigators, music players and personal entertainment systems. But what happens if you want to enjoy the content of your handset on the move? Instead of frowning over your map, how about using you phone? Or bin the radio and plug in your own tunes. There is a way. Here, in our in-car corral, we’ve rounded-up the latest Nokia Original Accessories that’ll have you travelling from A-to-B in style. Join us after the jump for your in-car essentials.


Communication: Nokia Carkit CK-200
Sleek and stylish, the Nokia CarKit CK-200 is the essential travelling companion. Connect simultaneously to two mobile phones and switch easily from one to the other. Answer calls, scroll your contacts and read messages, all within the kit. Place the controller on the dashboard, steering wheel or it’s even small enough to sit on the gearstick. Even a flying Finn finds this carkit a must, as you’ll see in the video.
Nokia Carkit CK-200 specs: Connects to two phones, wireless remote control, high-quality sound thanks to a 9mm embedded microphone, adjustable display colour, SMS support and easy software updating.


Navigation: Ovi Maps with Nokia Universal Holder CR-114
Nokia’s Universal Holder CR-114 is the perfect partner for Ovi Maps on your phone. Adept at displaying any handset, this holder can be moved around and allows your phone’s screen to be viewed at every angle. It’ll either suck onto your windscreen or happily sit on your dashboard.
Nokia Universal Holder CR-114 specs: 66mm x 64mm x 39mm, fits any Nokia device, comes with suction and adhesive


Entertainment: Nokia Display Speakerphone HF-510
Video killed the radio star, so it’s time to listen to the tunes on our handset. Nokia’s HF-510 display speakerphone will not only pump out the tunes, it’ll also let you answer calls. It fits neatly inside your car and displays incoming caller IDs, enables handsfree calls and plays your music collection.
Nokia Display Speakerphone HF-510 specs: OLED display, 30-hours operating time, Bluetooth enabled and maximum of four devices can be enabled.


Charging: Nokia Retractable Car Charger DC-9
There’s nothing more annoying than your phone running out of juice. The Nokia DC-9 Retractable Car Charger ensures that your device remains fully charged when you’re on the road. Somehow, Nokia has managed the impossible and created a stylish charger that’s practical to boot. Who knew a charger could be stylish?
Nokia Retractable Car Charger DC-9 specs: It just charges your phone. No other specs needed.

There they are, in no particular order, the cream of the Gear in-car kit. Do you guys agree? Do you use your handset in the car? Do you need kit or is the handset enough? Tomorrow’s generation of cars, quite possibly, won’t require separate kit. Will this have a huge effect on how easy it is for our phones to function in our cars? Will we become more dependent on them? Head South and let us know.