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July 29, 2010

BlogRadio: Giving you the news on the move

blogradio_thumbESPOO, Finland – You might listen to the Nokia Conversations Blogbite every week (if you don’t, tune in this Friday), now BlogRadio allows you to listen to all your favourite blogs. Using your RSS feed, the app will transform written words into mini podcasts for you to plug-in to your lugholes, anywhere.

With BlogRadio, you can take your favourite blogs with you on your touch-enabled Nokia device, and not just read the blogs, but instead have the blogs read to you. Handy if you’re out and about and fancy catching-up with all the latest happenings in the blogosphere.


Setting it up is simple, and is pretty similar to creating an RSS feed. Download the app onto your phone and the accompanying desktop application. Using your desktop you can manage the RSS feeds that you’d like magically transformed into audio. Don’t worry: you won’t be listening to us rambling on as the app comes with a choice of two voices: Mike and Crystal. Think of them as your personal blog newsreaders.


We think it’s a brilliant app. It’s ideal for when you’re travelling, or if you haven’t got time to sit and read the news, just fire-up the app. There’s also a myriad of possibilities for the future of the app. You could share you favourite feeds with people, set up new voices, record your own voice or assign voices to certain blogs. Here’s a video from the folks at Forum Nokia that shows what the app can do, right now.

It’s not often that these apps work well.You usually end up with a robotic audio that doesn’t know its commas from it’s full stops and the whole thing is unlistenable. BlogRadio seem to have it right. It’s yours for £1.00 on Ovi Store. What blogs would you like to listen to? Have you had a go on the app? Let us know in the comments below.