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August 2, 2010

Ovi Share in pictures

Share on OviGLOBAL – My mum always taught me that it was good to share. I might not share my last crisp, but Ovi Share makes it easy for me to serve-up my photos and videos for all to see.

Videos and photos can all be uploaded to Ovi Share from your phone or computer, making it simple for other people to see them. You can share link, or tag content for the world to find it. If you have your own website, you can even embed a slideshow of your pictures, streaming direct from Ovi. Worried your media will get muddled-up in the unlimited storage? Don’t be. Ovi Share is super-organised, enabling you to create a clear sense of order via easy-to-use albums for specific content and tagging. Here’s our pictorial run-through of the service that’s essential downloading for shutterbugs and film-makers.

Ovi Share: Set-up
If you have an Ovi account then you’re all good-to-go with Ovi Share. All you need to do is log-in and you’ll be sharing the love in no-time. You’ll need to log-into your phone and desktop to share content from both.


Ovi Share: Uploading
Upload content from your mobile or your desktop. Similar to how you’d attach content to an email, just click the upload button on either your desktop app or mobile and you’re done. When it comes to videos, Ovi Share automatically compresses videos to make online viewing much easier.


Ovi Share: Albums
Organise your content into albums, be it from your holiday, party or film shoot. Just click to name you’re album and you’re done.


Ovi Share: Sharing
The quintessential act of the service is, of course, to share. But you don’t have to. Choose whether you’d like the album to be private or public with a single click. If you’re in the mood to share, then make the album public or you can embed your content into a blog or website. You don’t have to share your media with everyone, either. Direct from Ovi Share you can send an email to a contact with your recent addition and it’ll land safely in their inbox.


Ovi Share: Edit
Once you got your content up there, you can tag all your content, add a location or a personalised comment. There’s also simple photo editing such as rotate and flip.


Ovi Share: Contacts
To keep track of people you share with on Ovi, add them as contacts. Ovi uses contact information to help you when you enter names or e-mail addresses for sharing, Ovi will suggest recipients from your Contacts. From someone else’s media or album page, you can click their profile photo to view their profile information.


Ovi Share: Library
Every item you upload is stored in your library. You can view your your library contents by clicking all media, or alternatively, view your library contents by map. All items that have location information are displayed on the map. Only you can see the full contents of your library, but you can share individual items with friends.