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August 2, 2010

OviDailyApp – Phone Talk

wegletlipsGLOBAL – However smart your phone might be, you’re pretty likely to spend a significant amount of time talking to it. And voice is having something of a renaissance right now, though not in the ways that you’re used to. Over the last week, two apps have appeared on the Ovi Daily App blog that allow you to make more of speech on your phone. Read on to find out more.

Best Call Recorder is an app for – yes – recording your phone calls. It then stores and organises the resulting files and allows you to play them back whenever you want. There’s a bit more to it than that, of course. You can set up rules so that calls from certain numbers are always recorded, for example. You can choose the file format for the recordings, emphasising either small file sizes or quality. And you can set the program to sound a beep to notify the other person that a recording is taking place, or you can silence the beep. A very useful app for recording business transactions, for journalists or if you need to make a written record of phone calls.


The app is available on Ovi Store for £3.00 and works on Nokia Symbian OS, S60 3.X and 5.0 (Touch UI) devices.

Also new this week is Speerio Voice Launcher. Nearly all phones nowadays have some sort of voice control, either in the form of recorded commands for specific phone book entries, or the more sophisticated Nokia Voice Command, which allows you to control other built-in apps on some devices. But where this falls down is when you want to command other applications you’ve installed (Pac Man by voice, anyone?).



This is where Voice Launcher will be useful. The app offers a menu that allows you to open any app on your device or any web page using voice commands. You simply choose the app you want to control and then record the voice command you want to use to launch it. The app doesn’t do voice recognition – it simply compares what you say with what it has recorded and performs the action you’ve set if it finds a match. We’d imagine this being especially useful for car drivers who really shouldn’t be messing about with the menus on their phones when they’re in charge of a vehicle. Speerio Voice Launcher is available for S60 3.x and 5.0 devices for £4.00.

Unrelated, but also of note this week is a version of Air Hockey for S60 5.0 touch devices – yours for £3.00. Despite true-to-life graphics and gameplay, we were initially sad to find that it doesn’t appear to come with the high-decibel clatter of the arcade original. But perhaps that’s something your family and friends will be thankful for. The video tells you everything you need to know about the game.