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August 3, 2010

Nokia Music Stars

musicstars_picGLOBAL – Juan Carlos Anez, our colleague on the Latin American version of the blog compiled a list of Nokia’s film stars, last week. This week, he’s gone musical and brought us a top five rundown of the company’s music video appearances. Have you spotted them? Join us after the jump for Nokia’s musical stars.

5. Nokia 7500 in Sugababes, About You

Nokia phones don’t just appear in any old music video. Oh no. They appear in videos from Guinness Book of World Record holders. The Sugababes were named the most successful female act of the 21st century, thanks to seven UK No.1 singles and 18 UK top 10 hits. The song About You was the group’s first single from their most successful album, Change, released in 2007. The song achieved instant success in the charts, won a Brit nomination and is also the biggest selling single of the band’s career.

4. Nokia X6 in David Guetta and Stelle, One Love

If you haven’t heard of David Guetta, where have you been? He’s one of the most successful DJs on the planet and has had overwhelming success with his album, One Love, launched in 2009. You’ll spot the Nokia X6 in the video as the handset that David uses to play his own song. Directed by a man known only as X, the video sees the pair of poptarts infect the world’s population with the need to dance wildly. We’re uncertain if the same will happen if you play the song on your own Nokia X6.

3. Nokia N96 in Katy Perry, Hot N Cold

Storming the charts in 2008, Katy Perry’s catchy single had us all bopping, crunking, body-popping or whatever the kids are calling it these days. The video, which has had more than 33 million views on YouTube, tells the tale of Katy and her somewhat whimsical boyfriend, Alexander. The Nokia N96 makes its appearance in the young chap’s hand as he receives a call from his jilted bride.


2. Nokia 5800 in Britney Spears, Womanizer

The pop princess herself turned to the talents of a Nokia in her comeback hit, Womanizer. Harking back to her chameleon role in Toxic, Womanizer sees Britney appear as a secretary, waitress and chauffeur. All her unsuspecting love-rat of a boyfriend can do is record the starlet on his Nokia 5800. The video, directed by veteran Joseph Kahn, achieved more than 7 million views in the the first 48 hours of its release and Britney bagged the MTV Best Pop Video award for her efforts.


1. Nokia N97 in Black Eyed Peas, I Gotta Feeling

If ever there’s a song that can be played at any celebratory occasion, this is it. The phone chosen to star in the video? The Nokia N97, of course. In the video, the phone makes a number of appearances. One such spot is where Will.I.Am checks his own DipDive site on the phone. Not only did the song get played everywhere, it also stormed to the top of the charts and received over 36 million views on YouTube.

What do you guys think? Have you spotted a Nokia Music star? Have you created your own music video starring, or even better, using a Nokia handset? Let us know.