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August 5, 2010

This week in videos

GLOBAL – We’re all about giving people their three minutes of fame. In his delicious Pick and Mix post, Ian trawls the web for his pick of the blog bunch. We thought it was only fair that we also brought you the greatest from the online small screen. Join us after the jump to find out what’s been premiered online this week.

Ian picked this up in last week’s Pick and Mix, but we think it’s well worth highlighting the video. The folks over at Beta Labs have created a brand new browser for Nokia Series 40 devices. Using patented compression technologies, over the air data is reduced by 90 per cent resulting in faster page loads and – just as importantly – lower data bills. You’ve heard the news, now check-out the video.

Conspiracy for Good is still going strong. This week, the folks over on the Nokia Nseries blog posted a video of the event in London. If you’re a newbie to CFG, it’s a brand-new immersive game from Heroes creator, Tim Kring. The event in London gave those involved the chance to be part of the story, have a load of fun and support a worthwhile cause. Here’s how it went down.

We came across this video this week and although it was posted a month ago, it’s well worth a watch. Ideas Project caught-up with activist/entrepreneur Joi Ito for his opinions on the latest wave of smartphones. With specific focus on America, Joi Ito discusses the challenges of cyberspace and the notion of being offline and online.

We’re always on the look-out for ways to make the most of our mobile phones. We want to hear anything on how to pimp our mobiles. Here’s one we’ve spotted from Morshidul on how to customise Nokia N900 menu effects and transitions.

Finally, we have an app for you. This week, global site TripAdvisor announced a partnership with Nokia that will see the launch of a dedicated app and integration of its serviced within Ovi Maps. You’ll be able to search for hotels, restaurants and local attractions, complete with reviews from TripAdvisor’s 15 million users. Here’s how it works. A point to note, the video shown is on the desktop version but it gives you a pretty good idea of how the app will work.

Image credit: hunnnterrr