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August 12, 2010

The #NokiaBox challenge unfolds…

Following on from our earlier #NokiaBox post, it seems that the second round of clues are beginning to roll out –

Writing over at ZOMGitsCJ, Clinton Jeff is slowly pulling together his own hypothesis, stating:

“The box has the “Every Message brings us closer” slogan around it which is the current Cseries slogan, so it might indicate that this has something to do with a Cseries device…”

While we’re aware that CJ isn’t the only one to receive these clues, we do think he’s the first one to start forming a better idea as to what really could be involved with the #NokiaBox challenge…

You guys know how much fun we love to have with Nokia’s many different devices and their many awesome accessories, right?

Trust me when I say, the different elements of the #NokiaBox challenge will soon be revealed 😉

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