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GLOBAL – Last week, we asked you how much sharing do you do online? Are you a giver or a taker? The internet is now a veritable swap shop, but have you learnt to share?

Join us after the jump to find out if you, the Conversations’ readers, are a sharing bunch.

One thing’s for sure, from the poll results, you guys like sharing. Over a thousand of your answered and the top thing on the lists of thing you like to share is pictures. 22 per cent of you voted pictures as the one thing you would share on line.

A close second is status updates. 16 per cent of you happily divulge to the waiting world your thoughts on politics, what you had for breakfast and when someone annoys you on public transport. Could this be down to how easy it is to tell other what we think? Or are we just an emotional bunch?

In third place we have links. Do you guys find this result surprising? Links used to be the one thing that we could share online, now only 14 per cent of you rate them as content you share.

The rise of services like YouTube has been dramatic, and it seems we love to share all those animal, blooper and parody videos. 11 per cent of you voted for videos as the sharing fodder of the internet.

Next up, we have both location and emails on eight per cent each. Are we all happy now to let everyone know where we are? Are you guys using location based services regularly?

Moving down to the bottom end of the list. It seems you don’t mind sharing some things,  but only 2 per cent of you voted for sharing everything.

Documents, contacts and audio clips, only managed 15 per cent of the vote between them. Are we still behind when it comes to completely working in the cloud?

The other answer, as ever, threw up some interesting points, although only one per cent of you voted for it. A couple of readers noted that they don’t share anything online and others said they share blogs and also apps.

Are you guys surprised by these results? What would get you sharing more online? Let us know in the comments below.