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GLOBAL – It’s been another busy week here on Conversations with news coming at us left, right and centre. It wouldn’t be fair for you to just read the words we write, so here’s a visual rundown of what’s been happening on the web. In this week’s videos, we have: a chat with Mary McDowell, following the launch of the Nokia X3 Touch and Type; Flash games galore; Nokia stars in yet another film; Conspiracy for Good comes to a close and the Nokia N900 goes 3D. Join us after the jump for the big reveal.

This week’s big news was the launch of the Nokia X3 Touch and Type. You’ve seen the launch video and the chat with Marko Ahtisaari, Senior Vice President, Design at Nokia, now our very own Phil Schwarzmann talks to Mary McDowell, Executive Vice President, Nokia Mobile Phones. In the interview, Phil and Mary chat about the new product offering, innovation within Nokia and Mary’s new role. Watch the video for all the latest news.

Next up, it’s game-on. We’re big fans of gaming here on Conversations and what better way to spend a few minutes than to get a full run-down of the top games available on Ovi Store. The Ovi Blog managed to grab a video with game developers Breakdesign from Joe Teh’s TechieLobang blog. The video features a full rundown of the developer shack’s games including The Roach Game, Ninjani and Monsterzilla.

We’ve seen Nokia stars before, but this is the latest one and I, for one, am excited. Yes, Nokia has made it into the pocket of Bruce Willis in the latest Die Hard movie. You ready to get nasty? Watch this trailer for a sneak peak at the movie and Nokia’s starring role.

From one star to another, this time Tim Kring, Heroes creator. If you’ve been following the blog you’ll know all about Conspiracy For Good. It’s the multi-platform social experiment that’s been taking over Ovi Store, London and most of our phones. All good things have to come to an end, and sadly, that includes CFG. If you missed the whole thing, here’s what you missed.

Last week, we brought you the Nokia N900 packing the game-gripper. This week, the multimedia mogul has gone into the third dimension. This great hands-on video shows the talents of the phone as a 3D viewer. Don the glasses and get watching.