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GLOBAL – Hurray for Friday, and more importantly the end of Friday afternoon. But before we put our mobile blogging into flight mode for the weekend, it’s time for this week’s pick of articles on other blogs and websites. It doesn’t matter to us whether the sites in this round-up are big or small, if it mentions mobile and it’s interesting, there’s a fair chance it will end up on our list.

  • Diana Ratliff on the Columbia Daily Tribune urges publishers and writers to look at their work with mobile users in mind, offering advice to site owners on the basics of making websites mobile friendly.
  • But it might not matter anyway. In a piece for the Guardian, Adrian Monck argues that the app economy is not a sustainable way to fund journalism, as much as publishers seem to wish it were.
  • Geeks like us might have resigned ourselves to the fact that our phones need charging every day, but as Steve Litchfield reports on All About Symbian, for normal users, it’s a real barrier to buying any sort of smartphone at all.
  • The mSearchGroove blog on mobile marketing, using an interview with three Brazilian millennials to find out what’s hot and what’s not.
  • Via. the Disruptive Telephony blog, a shocking thought for older readers: youngsters don’t know what a dial tone is.
  • And finally, well done to whoever it was in Nokia’s zany web videos department who came up with the idea of the hamster phone charger.

That’s the lot for this week. As ever, do tip us off to interesting links and blogs to add to our reading list in the comments.