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GLOBAL – The chances are, your mobile device does double duty as an MP3 player while you’re out and about (as well as being your radio, camera, videocamera, GPS device, email client and umm.. phone). In this week’s round-up of collectable apps, we focus on tools to make more of the mobile music experience. Shake, rattle and roll down after the break for this week’s play list.

Find out more about the music on your device with TuneWiki, as spotted on the OviDailyApp blog this week. The standard player shows track, artist and album names, and even album artwork on newer devices. TuneWiki takes this to a whole new level. It will find lyrics to most popular songs – with more than 2.5 million songs in its database. It can translate those lyrics into over 40 languages. You can find videos for any song title or play music from 26,000 internet radio stations. There’s also social features – though these don’t seem to offer Twitter or Facebook integration yet.

TuneWiki comes in an ad-supported version, which is free, and a paid version called TuneWiki Music Pro. The latter is on special offer at the moment, at just £1.50. Both versions are for Nokia S60 v.5 touch devices.

App-lovers will already be no strangers to Shazam. To our minds, it was one of the apps which first showed the revolutionary capability of connected, smart devices. To recap for newbies, Shazam listens to music wherever you are – in a bar or at a nightclub, for example – and matches the tune to the songs in its database, with breathtaking accuracy. It’s perfect for those ‘oh I know this – it’s on the tip of my tongue‘ moments – and for cheating in the pub quiz.



Shazam is free for thirty days and works on S60 Nokia devices. After thirty days, you can still use it up to five times a month. Otherwise, you can upgrade to the paid version, the price of which varies, but can be seen on the ‘upgrade’ screen once you’ve got it on your phone.

Third up this week is Moodagent Playlist DJ – which came top of the music category on Ovi Store last week. It’s a great app for lazy music lovers, or those whose music collection is so vast that they need to be reminded about the tunes from the far reaches of their music library. As the name hints, you set the five mood and tempo sliders for the sort of thing you want to hear and it creates new playlists from your library that match the criteria you’ve set.


Moodagent Playlist DJ is free and works on a variety of S60 devices – full list from the publisher here.

That’s it from us, so over to you. What are your must-have music accessories for your Nokia device?

image credit: Akash k