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LONDON, EnglandNokia World 2010 starts a week tomorrow and – in case you hadn’t noticed – we’re getting pretty excited about the whole thing. But what should you expect to see and hear at the show, either right there, here on the blog or on Nokia’s events pages? Here’s a taster of what’s in store for those able to join us at the ExCel Centre next Tuesday and Wednesday.

New stuff

As you’ll have read in JBC’s reminiscences from last year’s event, Nokia World is often when new devices and services receive their first public airing. Last year, it was the Nokia N900, X6, N97mini and Nokia Booklet on the hardware side. On the software and services side, it was where we first heard about Nokia Money, the Ovi SDK and navigation API. We don’t know what could possibly be in store this year, but we’re hoping for several magnitudes of awesome.

State of the Nation

All of Nokia’s leading executives will be speaking at the event, so expect updates on the business, the devices and services, as well as offerings for developers and other partners. If you want to know exactly where the mobile industry is up to and the vision for the future, don’t miss the main speeches from OPK, Anssi Vanjoki, Purnima Kochikar and Mary McDowell.

Inspiration for the Future

We’ve already introduced Tim Berners-Lee and Jane McGonigal, two of the leading keynote speakers for the event. But there are dozens more on the roster. So many that there’s more speaking than there is time: there’s four separate speaker streams on the first day. That should keep us on our toes when it comes to reporting the events!

Meet the Developers

The Nokia World conference also hosts the Developer Summit, which is good news on two counts. First of all, there will be lots of sessions devoted to more technical matters for the more technical among us. Second, there’ll be lots of opportunities to meet with developers, get hands-on with their latest apps and get sneak-previews of what’s in the pipeline.

And of course, when we’re not glued to our keyboards, we’ll be delighted to meet some Conversations readers. Not yet registered? There’s still time.