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GLOBAL – It seems like a world away from when we first unleashed Design by Community. The idea was simple. Gather your collective thoughts to create your ultimate concept device. There were limits, as there are with any design process and so we ushered you through a series of stages, tackling each element of the device’s build. With the specs refined, we handed these over to the Nokia design team to create some concept sketches. You responded in your droves, with over 18,000 votes cast to decide which of the three concepts should be turned into a final render. Oh, and you also suggested and voted for the concept’s name. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you the Nokia U (concept device).

Check out the images below and further down you’ll find the specs you as a community came up with.

Display and user interface

Display: 4-inch capacitive 16:9
Power button, camera, zoom and volume button controls

Size and shape

Shape: Monoblock
Dimensions: 60 x 110 x 6-10mm
Extras: Auto lens cover


Material: Aluminium
Finish: Soft touch
Colour: Single colour
Durability: Super strength

Operating system

Open source operating system with unlimited multitasking.
The DbC OS 1 sports temperature and location sensors so your device constantly monitors your whereabouts and the local conditions.
Device-based storage is supported.
The majority of OS functionality responds to touch control.


Support for 802.11 n/b/g wireless standards.
USB 3 connectivity.
HDMI connectivity.
Cable charger.
Dolby Surround Sound.


4X optical zoom
Dual LED and Xenon flash
HD video capture
Instant image capture


Kinetic power booster
Multiple OS support
Surround Sound Speakers
Upgradable Flash memory
Upgradable image sensor

And here she is: