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ESPOO, Finland – People watching video on their mobile devices has become a fairly common sight nowadays. What’s less common is people watching live TV. People are still anxious about data rates, while getting free WiFi or a stable 3G signal remains problematic in many places. What you really need is a TV receiver for your mobile device. And you’re in luck, because Nokia has just launched one – the first such add-on, from anyone. Read on for the details.

The Nokia Mobile TV Headset, DVB-H, is all you need to turn your mobile device into a portable television. Anywhere there’s mobile DVB-H (Digital Video Broadband – Handset) coverage, you can tune into sports events or TV shows and watch them without worrying about an Internet connection. DVB-H is also kinder to your battery life than Web TV solutions.

The headset handles call reception and volume in a similar way to other mobile headsets, so you won’t miss calls while you’re watching the game. It also features keys for changing channels and music controls for the player on your handset. There’s an app called Mobile TV available for compatible handsets. It’s either pre-installed on compatible devices or it can be downloaded from the Ovi Store or

The Mobile TV Headset works with the forthcoming Nokia N8 and other Symbian^3 devices that come with the USB-on-the-go feature. It is expected to cost €40 before taxes and will appear in Q4 2010.

One word of caution. While it is expanding, DVB-H coverage is still patchy in many countries. Licensing issues and lack of frequency availability have stalled many projects, though there do appear to be working services in the Netherlands, Russia, New Delhi and Helsinki, for example. Check carefully with local dealers before you buy.