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GLOBAL – We’re excited as you are by the fact that today is Friday, which can mean only one thing. It’s time for our weekly round-up of interesting stories that have been created by you, people like you, but most importantly of all, not us. Armed with our fine-toothed comb, we have plucked the best bits from other blogs and news sites.

  • Our friends over at Ovi Blog have created The Ovi Blog App. The app allows you to read Ovi Blog and Nokia Conversations news in one optimized view, and also tweet and retweet about everything that you read straight from the app.
  • With Nokia World only a few days away, we’re sure you’re itching to know what will be happening on the two-day event. If you can’t make it though, help is at hand. Fortunately, Iain from doitdifferent has created a mobile app that searches for Nokia World tags from services such as Flickr, Yfrog and Twitpic and provides a slideshow of all that it finds.
  • “Psst. Pass this on”, followed the scribbled note on a piece of paper. This is what happened when I was at school. And the note was never from my mum. That would just be weird. But apparently notes are out, and text messages are in, with 66% of kids being distracted by their parents, show this report from SFGate.
  • Nokia is the “world’s most sustainable technology company”. Again. The Dow Jones Indexes show Nokia hold this position for the second time in a row. Reuters hold more details on this story.
  • Should we be more concerned about the amount of electricity we waste? Probably, and designers Jia Wen Chen & Wei-Ting Chen seem to think so, and so they have created what they call The Flat Light.
  • We’ve all been there. We get in our cars and prepare ourselves for our journey ahead, only to realise our Bluetooth headset has run flat. Quite annoying indeed. This guy has the solution though, and that is to stick the phone in your ear. You need to really see the image to appreciate the lengths he has gone to, to go fully handsfree.
  • They say our future will be controlled by robots. Big scary robots that will enslave us all. These robots don’t seem so evil, in fact they look just lovely, and I want one. Plus they dance; now that can’t be evil, can it?

We’ll be back next week to show you some more treasures we’ve unearthed. In the mean time, and as ever, if you spot something we missed, let us know the in comments below.