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LONDON, England – It’s less than 24 hours until the start of the biggest Nokia World ever. There’s 86 countries represented and no more tickets available, after the capacity of the venue was twice upgraded to accommodate the thousands of expected delegates. The event showcases Nokia’s plans for the future and our first look at whatever new products and services the company’s got lined-up. How are you going to follow what’s going on? There’ll be regular posts right here on Conversations, of course, giving the major product and services an airing as they happen, along with interviews with some of the keynote speakers. But how about if you want to get an even-closer experience?

First of all, you should be on Twitter. Follow the hashtag #NokiaWorld for announcements as they happen. That might get a little bit hectic, though, as thousands of tweets from thousands of attendees get retweeted many more thousands of times. Maybe safer to follow Nokia and maybe a few of the excellent bloggers you’ll find on this list from the Nokia Users site.

There’s also a whole bunch of specialist Q&A Twitter sessions with experts from far and wide. These aren’t just for Nokia World attendees, so keep a close eye on the Twitter feed for ways to send your questions to the following Nokia experts:

DAY 1 – 14th September

Developers | Purnima Kochikar 12:30pm – 1pm

DAY 2 – 15th September

Maps/Location | Christoff Helmis 10am-11am
Music, Games, and TV on your Phone | Lenn Pryor: 11am – 12pm
Smartphones | David Rivas: 12.30 – 1pm
Business on your Smartphone | Ilari Nurmi 1.15pm – 2pm
Services | Tero Ojanperä: 2pm-3pm
Mobile Phones and Connecting the Millions | Dieter May: 3pm-3.45pm

On your mobile device, there are a couple of specific options. The folk over on the Ovi blog have created an Ovi Blog App which combines real-time feeds from that blog and this one, together with Twitter updates. Alternatively, you might like to download the app created by Iain from the doitdifferent blog, pointed out by Adam last week, which combines a bunch of different feeds related to the event.

If you’re looking for videos from the event, you should check out the events site for videos of the keynotes, as well as the YouTube accounts for Nokia and for Conversations. We think you should have your update needs covered, one way or another.

image credit: 1000heads