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LONDON, England – We’ve had four new handsets and a slew of service upgrades and announcements. What more could be left to discover at Nokia World this year? Well, they’ve only gone and released seven new accessories under the Nokia Gear brand. There’s a series of five new Bluetooth headsets, a new Bluetooth stereo headphone and the Nokia Charging Plate. Their various innovations and photos are below.

The new Bluetooth headphones, BH-905i, features active noise-cancelling technology with eight microphones for blocking out background noise so you can enjoy music on the move. There’s also two microphones for capturing your speech, together with digital signal processing, so you don’t need to ever remove your device from your pocket. Compared to last year’s model, the BH-905, the new version has an improved bass booster and stereo widening, a VOIP adapter, an audio cable, so you can use it with wired devices and a brand new, improved design. There’s also integrated controls for moving between your tunes, the volume and call-handling. Lastly, there’s a new colour choice ‘Ice’, which is – unsurprisingly – similar to the more familiar ‘white’.

A set of five new Bluetooth headsets provide for almost all needs and budgets. The BH-109 is the simplest and least expensive option. The BH-609 offers wind-cancellation and great audio. The BH-806 is the nicest-looking design. Perhaps of most interest to technophiles, though, are the BH-217 and BH-218 models, which come with something called an ‘Always Ready’ feature. The clue is in the name – having paired the device once, taking the headset out of its container powers it on, creates the connection and readies it for call handling. Putting it back into its container switches everything off again. This new interface increases the standby time of the headsets from the typical one week to three months.

And finally, the Nokia Charging Plate is … exactly what you imagine it might be. It provides a convenient and stylish location for charging all your devices. One key new feature is that it has a power switch – more innovative than you might think, since it prevents your chargers from consuming any energy while it’s not in use, making it an eco-friendly alternative to traditional chargers.

Let us know what you think. We’ll publish more details about the individual products shortly.